Cocopeat Unpress Machine

Cocopeat Unpress Machine

Cocopeat Açma MakinesiNo pool.
No waiting.
It’s too easy to use cocopeat.
First in Turkey.
300 blocks of cocopeat is ready in an hour.

Cocopeat Unpress Machine

Cocopeat açma makinesi ve konveyörThe compressed cocopeat blocks are being made available through the crushing process after being kept for days in a big pool with full of water and fertilizer in order to dissolve. The usage of cocopeat in terms of production, although very efficient, this unpressing method leads to a loss of time, space and labour. Cocopeat’s water shrinkage rate may vary according to the origin and the company where it was purchased.The blocks are sometimes difficultly absorb water and can not be unpressed; and sometimes may fully drain and become like mud.

The founder of the Tropikal Süs Bitkileri, Kemal Ulaş, designed and started mass production of Cocopeat Unpress Machine in 2014 which provides a very large porportion in time, labor and space savings to the cocopeat consumers.

TROPİKAL  Cocopeat Unpress Machine, with one hour of work, 300 blocks of cocopeat can be unpressed.

Pressed CocopeatWhat is Cocopeat?

Cocopeat is %100 natural fiber which is obtained from coconut shell.
It’s natural Ph is 5,5-6 and EC value is 2,5-3.
Cocopeat is supplied in compressed blocks.
It’s origins are Indıa and Sri Lanka.

In 1996, yet not known in Turkey, Tropikal Ornamental Plants started using it for the first time in the production of ornamantel plants and as a result, their production became %100 efficient; where as for the time being, cocopeat which has become the number 1 choice by the most advanced firms engaged in the production of ornamantel plants.


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